The waterless cleaning system for
when you’re plastered in it

“Available in a handy refill pack and as a complete tub”


It Removes

  1. Scrub:

    For agitation of heavy stubborn in-pore deposits.

  2. Smooth:

    For light contaminate removal

  3. In-soap formula:

    Breaks down heavy soil deposits, with built-in barrier foam conditioner & anti-bacterial properties.

  4. Chemically designed:

    For hands.

For safe removal of : Glass bonding & other adhesives, paints, foams, resins, oils, grease & other heavy to remove contaminates. 'Smooth Scrub' cleans without skin roughness or irritation.

comes in a tub of Handy Wipes

HANDCLENZ-Wipes have been developed to remove the toughest contaminates.

The Smooth-Scrub formula

  1. Provides excellent cleaning properties in the removal of paints, adhesives, oils, grease and other stubborn to remove deposits.
  2. Provides a moisturising formula inbuilt for long lasting performance. In built barrier cream sensation. Additional anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Provides one of the largest ‘technician size’ wipe in the market Smooth Scrub, enables technicians to have the best of both, in removing dirty within the pores and without the feeling of skin roughness. Tubs and the unique refill pouch provide excellent cost efficent value.
  4. HANDCLENZ Wipes Ask for them by name at your distributor !

Technical Information